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To keep it grey, or add purple?

Picture yourself when you were five. In fact, dig out a photo of little you at that time and tape it to your mirror. How would you treat her, love her, feed her? How would you nurture her if you were the mother of little you? I bet you would protect her fiercely while giving her space to spread her itty-bitty wings. She’d get naps, healthy food, imagination time, and adventures into the wild. If playground bullies hurt her feelings, you’d hug her tears away and give her perspective. When tantrums or meltdowns turned her into a poltergeist, you’d demand a loving time-out in the naughty chair. From this day forward I want you to extend that same compassion to your adult self.

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Anonymous: You have some of the rudest Anons! Well here is one to say you are an absolutely stunning and intelligent young lady and it's a joy to follow you.

This brightened my morning. I thank you.

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Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defense. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

I’ve gotten more angry asks about this post than I have actual reblogs.

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Anonymous: No need to be a bitch about questions. Stop being so obsessed with yourself.

It’s called sarcasm.
And I love myself.
I’m sorry that you feel the need to message me anonymously to fill some gap in your life.

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Things we do at work.
Anonymous: I have no idea why guys basically worship you

Cause I’m the antichrist, bitch.

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